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Stefan Sidovski made the film revolt, in 1977.

Born in 1946. He is best known as one of the most inspiring philosophy and logic high school professors in Skopje. Passionate about film and film aesthetics ever since his early gymnasium days, Sidovski has started making amateur and alternative movies, at first alone and then as a member of the Cinema Club “Camera 300” and the Academic Cinema Club. Holder not only of a PhD degree but also of the highest degree “Master of Amateur Film” and of the Golden Plaque for contribution to the spread of the film culture in Macedonia, he is author of the books “Film frame and its aesthetic essence” (1995) and “Aesthetics and Dialectics in the editing of the film” (2010). Following his more than 35-year-long teaching career, he has started working in 2010 at the Skopje-based University for Audiovisual Arts (ESRA) as a professor in history and theory of film. His fruitful filmography includes more than 100 amateur and alternative films out of witch many have been rewarded and some even banned.


shortfilmlivemusic performed re:volt #0 as part of the Reconstructing Mahler workshop, Skopje.

shortfilmlivemusic is a unique film concert experience. Both, short film and experimental music get a chance to enthuse new target groups. Here recent short films meet experimental young musicians. Inspired only by the images the musicians create a new sound track, exciting and unheard of. Film and music fuse into a total piece of art. The music reaches from Ambient and Drum'n'bass to Free Jazz, Noise and Vocal Acrobatics.

shortfilmlivemusic performed Revolt on 9 november, 2010 in Skopje as part of their reconstructing Mahler - a vision's gleaming sounds reconstructing Mahler - a vision's gleaming sounds tour. Mostly improvised, it was performed on stage together with a group of local musicians as a result of three days long workshop.

shortfilmlivemusic Website

reconstructing Mahler - a vision's gleaming sounds tour


Muhamed Ibrahimi performed re:volt #1 at the 5th edition of MakeDox Documentary Film Festival, Skopje.

Muhamed Ibrahimi is a string multi-instrumentalist from Skopje. He treats his guitar (mandolin, saz, etc.) in a very unconventional way, quite intuitive and inspirational. His compositions are an authentic mixture of several musical styles, as blues, rock or ambient, but deeply rooted in oriental (sufi) tradition and albanian (balkan) folklore.

Muhamed played a partly composed, partly improvised soundtrack for Sidovski's film, which he played live at Kurshumli An, Skopje, in June 2014, opening the fifth edition of the Makedox International Documentary Festival.

Muhamed Ibrahimi's Soundcloud

Muhamed Ibrahimi's page on his label's website, PMG Recordings


Fighting Windmills performed re:volt #2 at MKC, Skopje, for the anniversary of the Skopje earthquake.

A band or, more precisely, an idea from Skopje. Two guitars, bass, drum and clarinet.
They play music, sometimes not exactly music.

Fighting Windmills composed and improvised a soundtrack for Sidovski's Revolt which they performed live on the plateau of MKC, the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje on 26th July 2014, in occasion of the anniversary of the Skopje earthquake of 1963. Alongside Revolt, Trajche Popov's 1972 film 'A City of Human Recognition' was screened, followed by a selection of songs from, for and about Skopje curated by Gjorgji Janevski.

Fighting Windmills Website

Fighting Windmills Bandcamp page

Fighting Windmills on Facebook


Gaf Gam Gaf Maf performed re:volt #3 in Gevgelija in Summer 2014 as part of the 6th edition of the BOSH Festival.

Gaf Gam Gaf Maf is a project originally developed by the sound artist Zoran Tevdovski from Skopje, Macedonia. The project started with a band on the first album “Guitar Gaf [2011]”. The last song on Guitar Gaf announced a new experimental sound concept, which was later explored in live performances that led to the second album “Experimental Mod [2012]”.This project is a creative concept that experiments with new sound parameters in the form of guitar pedals uniquely developed by the artist for live performances. The sound performances primarily run in two separate guitar amps wired in stereo for complete recapturing of all frequencies. Tevdovski's music has been described as experimental, psychedelic, ambient and alternative in atmosphere.

Gaf Gam Gaf Maf play Revolt at the 6th edition of BOSH Festival, in Gevgelija, on 24 August 2014.

Gaf Gam Gaf Maf on Bandcamp

Gaf Gam Gaf Maf on Facebook

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Aleksandar Pejovski, Aleksandar Nikov, Robert Jack and Philip Dimiskovski played re:volt #4
as part of Skopje Bela Nok 2014.

Aleksandar Pejovski is a leading macedonian contemporary (classical) composer. His incredible tallent, brilliance and exceptional quality exceed far beyond this political and spiritual borders. His music reveals deeper and extensive understanding of today's sonic, aesthetic and practical trends, as well as possessing quite cunning political edge.

Pejovski writes symphony, chamber, choir, electronic, big band (jazz) music. His works have been performed in Macedonia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA. He also writes music for film, short film, theater and commercials. 'Um Zaum' is his improvisational project.

Um-Zaum 01

Pejovski on PMG Recordings

Aleksandar Nikov is: a guy that wears glasses (not necessary geeky ones). Classical philologist with lots of printing ink on his hands. Promising amateur photographer without a single printed photograph. Proud owner of CHAO 700, the first modular DIY synth in his neighbourhood. Returning tourist and weekend adventurer in the sphere of electronic music, Master Clock, Knight of the Kick Drum and Knight of the Hi-hats.

Nikov on Soundcloud

Robert Jack is a Scottish composer, engineer and musician based in London. He has an ongoing collaboration with the sonic torchlight Christian Heinrichs, together they make live sound for theatre and prerecorded sound for film.

Jack's website

Philip Dimiskovski is an accomplished jazz keyboardist without any formal musical education. A relative newcomer to performing live, he has been playing gigs over the past couple of years with many different local musicians. He is currently playing in a jazz quartet called Wave:

Wave Quartet Soundcloud


Dječak iz Vode performed re:volt #5 in Vinkovci and Osijek in Croatia, as part of DORF Festival 2015.

"Divorce, loss of a father, a hard life and night shifts gave me an excuse to do something to save myself from the madness and the time in which I live. I had two options: to look for God or to start making music. I chose the latter.“

Edin Džambić ( Dječak iz Vode )

Edin Džambić is a new face in the Croatian underground - his tries to find his place between the poetics of Goribor and Damira Avdić. He has been working under the name Dječak iz Vode since 2011. His albums contain hundreds of songs; they comes closer to the surface with a little help from Zdenko Franjić.

Dječak iz Vode played Revolt at OFF DORF, in Vinkovci, Croazia, on 10/03/2015.


Srce, muda i pez bombone (Slušaj najglasnije, 2011.)
Pamučni svijet (Slušaj najglasnije, 2012.)
Ko ne misli nek se dobro zamisli (Slušaj najglasnije, 2013.)
Đe se nalaziš? (Slušaj najglasnije, 2013.)

Dječak iz Vode website

Dječak iz Vode on YouTube


Giuseppe Adamo plays re:volt #6 in Palermo, Italy, at Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato.
In collaboration with Von Holden Studio.

Giuseppe Adamo is an artist and musician who lives and works in Palermo. He has collaborated widely with Von Holden Studio (ex Zelle Arte Contemporanea). He has taken part in a number of collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad, as well as having participated in the Fam Prize at the Fabbriche Chiaramontane. His first solo exhibition opened in 2009 at the Galleria Arco in Palermo, curated by Helga Marsala; in 2011 his works were shown solo at Zelle Arte Contemporanea. Some of his pieces are currently on show at Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo, as part of the exhibition Le Stanze D'Aragona - Capitolo II.

Giuseppe Adamo plays Revolt at Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato, in Palermo, Italy, on 22/06/2015.

Giuseppe Adamo's website

Giuseppe Adamo Soundcloud