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Revolt news

22nd June 2015
r e : v o l t # 6 will be performed by Giuseppe Adamo at TMO - Teatro Mediterraneo Occupato in Palermo, Italy, on the 22nd July 2015. In collaboration with TMO and Von Holden Studio, Palermo, who will be producing a limited edition re:volt printed booklet.

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3rd March 2015
r e : v o l t # 5 will be performed by Dječak iz Vode as part of the OFF DORF programme for the 9th edition of DORF (Festival of music documentaries), on 10/03/2015, in Vinkovci, Croazia.
4th October 2014
r e : v o l t # 4 tonight, 23.00h, Chifte Hammam in Stara Charshija: Tashe Nikov, Robert Jack and Philip Dimiskovski play revolt according to Aleksandar Pejovski's Um Zaum manifesto.
25th September 2014
r e : v o l t will return as part of Skopje's Bela Nok on 4th October 2014. Guest musician: Aleksandar Pejovski. See more infromation on the 2014 Skopje Bela Nok website.
24th August 2014
r e : v o l t # 3 performed by Gaf Gam Gaf Maf will take place at 6th edition of BOSH Festival, in Gevgelija, on 24 August.
26th July 2014
r e : v o l t # 2 performed by Fighting Windmills. In occasion of the 51st Anniversary of the Skopje Earhtquake.
MKC, Mladinski Kulturen Centar, Skopje, 21.00 hrs.
17th June 2014
documentation on Muhamed Ibrahimi’s r e : v o l t # 1 coming soon, meanwhile you can watch a short interview with Stefan Sidovski, Gjorgji Janevski and Flora Pitrolo about the project here
15th June 2014
join us at the MAKEDOX 5 festival for a collective conversation about r e : v o l t under the fig tree at Kurshumli An, Skopje, 18.00h.
15th June 2014
r e : v o l t # 1, with Muhamed Ibrahimi, opens the MAKEDOX.5 International Documentary Festival at Kurshumli An, Skopje, 21.00h.

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