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Revolt is an amateur film by Stefan Sidovski made in Skopje, Macedonia, in 1977.
Below is a short text about the film written in 2014 by its author:

‘Revolt’ as an uprising against the distorted socialist reality

In the distant year of 1977 the movie ‘Revolt’ was made, in production of the cinema club ‘Camera 300’ in Skopje.

The initial aim was to film a contemporary 30 minute motion picture made exclusively for young mutineers who were against the ideologisation of perception and reality, as opposed to the actual reality with all of its negative phenomena - from nepotism and careerism to party privilege and protectionism.

Simultaneously, the film was a reminescence of the student riots in Belgrade, as well as the May protests in Europe in 1968. Those decades of the 20th century were a time when people believed that changing the world was possible, and that film as a medium, with a documentary or narrative structure, could contribute to a more humane world. ‘Revolt’ was filmed with that intent. As an author, I expressed my insurgence through the students that played in the film, who were also carrying their own internal revolt against the exsisting socialistic reality that didn’t really correspond with what was taught and learned in schools and universities. This movie wasn’t antagonistic toward the self-managing socialism, but solely against distortion and ideologization, and was speaking in favour of democratisation of the entirety of public life, without the monopoly of the Communist Party on the citizens’ opinions and lifestyle.

Considering the amateur technical capacity, the film wasn’t conducted in the conditions that I ideally desired. But still, I was very pleased with how it turned out, and three decades later, the film is still current, contemporary, and every young rebel recognises him/herself in the revolt that ‘Revolt’ carries within. And that is what allows the film to last.

Stefan Sidovski, Skopje, 2014

Translation by Ana Ivanovska